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Prasoon Malviya operates TechHeuristic.com

We believe in neutrality while sharing pieces of information. The Authors of Tech Heuristic try to give you the in-depth, crucial, correct information about anything posted. Every word of the sentence is unbiased and not favoring anyone unless it met our criteria.

Prasoon Malviya is a full-time blogger and content creator. He spends most of the time with technology, trying out new tech and finding some awesome things in this big tech world. He likes computer tech like CPU, GPU, laptops, etc. Occasionally likes to cover smartphones and their accessories, if interesting. He is working hard for the things that reach the user base/audience. He aims to provide the information and unbiased reviews in very easy language, as much as possible.

Mail to – geek@techheuristic.com

About Authors

Prasoon Malviya

Passionate about computer hardware since childhood. After completing graduation (BCA) and CCNA, I worked as a network engineer in a local ISP. While academics, I used to do freelancing work in computer hardware and networking.

Later started my career in YouTube and BLogging. I write technology-related content on the website and publishing YouTube videos occasionally.

I love to Build, repair, and learn more about computers. Furthermore, the scope of technology has increased significantly in different segments. That allows me to learn and share more and more every day. I always try to share information in the easy, simple language possible.

I like to read self-help, technology, finance, spiritual books a lot. My favourite book in self-help is “Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty. Moreover, Bhagwat Geeta is above all in my choice.

In Sports, I use to play Badminton and can play average. I like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, and other action titles in computer games.