AMD Zen 3 CPU and RDNA 2 are coming, what to expect

AMD Zen 3 CPUs are expected to destroy Intel in every possible corner launch. The RDNA 2 "Big Navi" GPU will be significantly faster than its predecessor. The launch date for CPU is October 8, and October 28 for GPU.

AMD Zen 3 CPUs are expected to destroy Intel in every possible corner, which may make Intel a hard choice. Zen 2 has already done so much pain into Intel, so we assumed that could happen. And with RDNA2 “Big Navi” GPU, 4K gaming may ease.

The launch date of the New Zen 3 CPU is October 8, and October 28 for RDNA 2 GPU. Users nowadays are most excited toward AMD for CPU launch, rather than Intel.

AMD Zen 3 CPU and RDNA 2 launch dates.
AMD Zen 3 CPU and RDNA 2 launch dates.

What’s new in Zen 3

Zen 3 will be manufacture in advance 7nm process node, we can say it as a 7nm+. The new architecture will uplift the IPC of around 20% compared to its predecessor. Faster frequency up to 300 MHz and improved power efficiency, make the processors more appealing.

Currently, with Zen 2, AMD desktop chips are dominating the market, especially in the consumer segment. Offering the great value processors with high core count (up to 16 core). In higher-end(Consumer series) Intel processors are nowhere near to AMD when it comes to physical core count.

The people are expecting the same delicious number from AMD to give. Though, the Intel platform is still ahead in some tasks, especially in gaming with some numbers. Rumors suggested that the performance increase in frequency, IPC, etc will rival Intel’s gaming performance.

Ryzen CPUs are hitting great milestone since their first launch. Zen and Zen+ was the start and performed well. Zen 2 disrupted the market of Intel. How’ll Zen 3?

Zen 3 New Models

According to the latest rumors, New Zen 3 Processors will be the Ryzen 5000 series. It supposed to be the Ryzen 4000 series but AMD could skip it. Why AMD could skip? As of now no solid reason, but Ryzen 4000 series mobile chips and APUs already exist. Maybe AMD doesn’t want to mess up things that already exist, with the new one.

There is also a speculation of 10 core model in Zen 3. Ryzen 3800X is an 8 core and Ryzen 3900X is a 12 core processor, AMD may reduce the gap with 10 core processor. Also, may AMD can upgrade the 8 core Ryzen 3800X to 10 core Ryzen 5800X/4800X.

AMD RDNA 2 “Big Navi”

People are waiting for a long time for this Big Navi thing to appear. The wait is now over, finally getting something to see.

Radeon RX 6000 Graphics Card Render Image
Radeon RX 6000 Graphics Card Render Image

The Radeon RX 6000 GPU render image shown by AMD, resembles the Nvidia RTX 2000 FE cards. Its good to see that the AMD ditched the blower-style and went to twin and triple fan design (Copied Nvidia) for new cards.

AMD unveiled that the RDNA 2 GPU will be significantly faster to its predecessor. Target is made to dominate the 4K gaming segment. See, with RX 5700 series, AMD targeted the 1440p segment, Now, big resolution, and FPS should be targeted. So, that AMD doing.

Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are also powered by the RDNA 2 GPU. Earlier when Nvidia launched Ray tracing, Lisa Su commented that its a premature technology. It will be great to see now how AMD has worked on the ray tracing thing.

The battle is going to be interesting between AMD 1st Gen RDNA 2 ray tracing vs Nvidia 2nd Gen Ampere ray tracing. RX 6000 series will be in the same 7nm process (Optimized) but with an architectural difference.

After the launch of the Nvidia RTX 3000 series, it became hard for AMD to convert the user for new cards. The RDNA 2 “Big Navi” cards will compete with the high-end Nvidia. But the question is, which high-end, Turing (RTX 2000) or Ampere (RTX 3000).

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait more, all stories about New Zen 3 and RDNA 2 will come soon.

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