AMD Zen 5 – A Hybrid Core design Ryzen 8000 APU based on 3nm Node

AMD 3nm hybrid chip design may disrupt Intel's planning on Alder Lake.

AMD is planning to give Zen 5 APU a hybrid core design. Clearly, AMD Zen 5 may consist of a few high-performance cores and a few power-efficient cores (Big.LITTLE architecture/Hybrid). Similarly, Intel has planned with their Alder Lake, and Apple did with the M1 chip. As rumours suggest, the Ryzen 8000 series parts fall under Zen 5.

After Apple’s approach, we think a hybrid design has great potential, in which the company needs to work. AMD is already dominating the current CPU market with its performance, so the hybrid core CPU may take time to come.

Rumour Specs

AMD Zen 5 APU codenamed “Strix Point” will feature hybrid (big. LITTLE) architecture manufactured using TSMC 3nm process node. It will consist of eight big Zen 5 core and four little core that is scheduled to release in 2024.

Sadly, we don’t have enough information about the exact CPU cores, GPU core, power consumption, IPC gain, etc. There is also speculation that some big change in the memory subsystem.

AMD Zen 5
AMD Zen 5

AMD Hybrid Chip into competition

The new hybrid design is more friendly towards laptops, notebooks, Ultrabook, etc. Particularly where consumer needs a good battery life and performance as well.

AMD into hybrid chip design, this has to happen, the competitor of AMD is shifting to hybrid design architecture. Indeed this architectural change will be the major change in AMD core design. Furthermore, the new Big. Little architecture is extending to AMD CPU is not confirmed.

Moreover, with this architecture, the power efficiency and performance will get better, and Intel may suffer more. However, the Intel Hybrid ecosystem Alder Lake will come first, and the first-come strategy may benefit Intel. Already, Intel some dominance left in notebooks and mobile processors.

Intel’s problem is its own delayed 10nm process. AMD will be using TSMC 5nm in Zen 4 by 2022, and 3nm in Zen 5 whereas, Intel still not producing enough 10nm chips. So AMD will gains in power efficiency and performance due to the 5nm / 3nm process node.

With this in mind, a 3nm Ryzen 8000 APU would have benefits of efficiency and performance. In short, more laptop OEMs will go to feature this power-efficient and powerful chip alongside Intel.

Finally, we all know AMD’s track record in desktop CPU. Currently, Intel’s position in the desktop product segment is weak. So if AMD releases 3nm hybrid APU in 2024, AMD can create tremble in the intel’s mobile chip segment as well.

All the details are rumours and speculations

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