Cloudflare Free DNS service Announced Focused on Users Privacy

Cloudflare has launched free and privacy-first DNS service The main high light of this DNS is this provides users a better experience and provides privacy to users. According to Cloudflare, DNS itself is a 35-year-old protocol and it’s showing its age. It was never designed with privacy or security in mind. Cloudflare conversations with the browser, operating system, app, and router manufacturers nearly everyone lamented that, even with a privacy-first service like, DNS inherently is unencrypted so it leaks data to anyone who’s monitoring your network connection. While that’s harder to monitor for someone like your ISP than if they run the DNS resolver themselves, it’s still not secure. What’s needed is a move to a new modern protocol. There are a couple of different approaches. One is DNS-over-TLS. That takes the existing DNS protocol and adds transport layer encryption. Another is DNS-over-HTTPS. It includes security but also all the modern enhancements like supporting other transport layers (e.g., QUIC) and new technologies like server HTTP/2 Server Push. Both DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS are open standards.

DNS over HTTPS is fast. easier and encrypted. To date, only Google is supporting DNS over HTTPS. Cloudflare hoping that with an independent DNS-over-HTTPS service now available, they see more experiments from browsers, operating systems, routers, and apps to support the protocol. and if overtime other networks and services provide DNS over HTTPS it will create better internet experience.


Cloudflare claims that it never going to track users, selling advertisements, or see personal users data. While it needs some logging data, required generally for checking abuse and debug issues, will be removed from their servers within 24 hours of acquisition. Talking about performance, Cloudflare’s is claimed to be the “fastest DNS resolver” even while servicing non-Cloudflare users with an average global query speed of 14ms.

The free DNS is a partnership between Cloudflare and APNIC, APNIC is a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) responsible for handing out IPs in the Asia Pacific region, Because is a valid address, so many people had entered them into various random systems that they were continuously overwhelmed by a flood of garbage traffic. APNIC wanted to study this garbage traffic but any time they’d tried to announce the IPs, the flood would overwhelm any conventional network. Cloudflare’s offers the network to receive and study the garbage traffic in exchange for being able to offer a DNS resolver on the memorable IPs. And, with that, was born.

This is the first consumer product Cloudflare has ever, they decided to launch it on April 1. and there is unique coincident, the DNS IP address is consist of four one so they decided the data 4/1 (1st April 2018).

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