Intel’s New Stock Coolers for All 65W Alder Lake CPU

New stock coolers after decades.

For over a decade, we’ve seen the same big aluminium block stock coolers from Intel. From Core i9 to Pentium, every Non-K 65W CPU contains the same aluminium stock cooler. 

With the upcoming 12th gen Alder Lake CPU the stock cooler will probably change for the first time. In recent few generations, Intel has only done a few cosmetic changes to its stock cooler, like a black colour heatsink. 

As per the leak, new stock coolers are in a plan with the 12th gen Alder Lake CPU. Alder Lake will support LGA 1700 socket that needs a new cooler anyway. 

Three thermal solutions leaks are surfaced for 65W Alder lake-S CPU.

  • Intel Laminar RH1 – for Core i9
  • Intel Laminar RM1 – for Core i7 to i3
  • Intel Laminar RS1 – for Pentium and Celeron

Intel Laminar RH1 – for Alder Lake Core i9

The high-end RH1 cooler has a screw retention mechanism, as shown, that surely needs a back plat. Also, the fan is illuminated blue, which means it supports an LED fan, but no confirmation of RGB lights. Specially designed for Core i9.

No copper heat pipes are visible like AMD used to offer with RGB Wraith Prism and MAX Cooler. 

Laminar RM1, RS1 – for Core i7 to Celeron

The medium RM1 cooler is designed to work with Core i7 to i3. This cooler has a clip retention mechanism and no led or RGB fan supported. But a Blue illumination ring around the fan is shown. 

A small RS1 cooler is designed to work with Pentium to Celeron CPU. This also has a clip retention mechanism.


New stock coolers are maybe or may not be a part of Alder Lake. We all have to wait until next year when Intel will launch all SKUs of Alder Lake, including the non-K variants. In 2021 we will see only the high-end K and KF variants of CPUs.  

All new cooler features the bottom face fan and no major structural and design change. So, we might not see any performance change. 

AMD offers the best stock coolers with their processors. And it looks like Intel is rethinking the cooler now.

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