Intel Tiger Lake 11th Gen CPU launching on September 2nd

Time has come to see Intel's new Xe GPU in action, virtual event is scheduled for the Tiger Lake launch.

Intel has confirmed the launch of the Tiger Lake CPU, September 02, 2020, on its investor website. The launch event is quoted as “Tiger lake Virtual Launch”. Prior to this, Intel has already teased about the launch “We Have Something Big to share”. Now the event is officially scheduled and we know Tiger lake is coming.

Intel Tiger Lake

Tiger Lake is the 10nm based processor with willow cove microarchitecture. These processors will also have a new Xe integrated GPU. There is another event on August 13th lead by Chief Architect, Raja Koduri, and no additional information available for now. Raja Koduri is known for graphics so we can hear more about the new graphics department.

Graphics performance with Tiger Lake might get awesome because of the new Gen12 Xe GPU. Tiger Lake will be the first one to get Gen12 Xe graphics, which promise a substantial uplift compared to Intel’s Gen 11 graphics. The leaked benchmark showed that new integrated GPU beats Geforce MX350. Nvidia MX350 is not an old notebook card, it released a few months back. Tiger Lake will supposedly support PCI Express 4.0, Thunderbolt 4, and LPDDR5 memory.

Some other leaks also suggest that the 11th gen Core i7-1165G7 beats Ryzen 9 4800U in single-thread performance. Many rumors are roaming around comparing new Tiger Lake with current AMD’s mobile CPU, but they all the rumor. Deep Learning Boost AI/ML acceleration instruction extensions could also improve performance in some areas.

At CES 2020, Intel had teased some laptop performance with Tiger lake inside. Especially shown the power of new Xe graphics in Tiger lake. This new integrated graphics may give Intel a huge leap over current graphics performance. And using Tiger Lake can help OEM to make a more compact and power-efficient laptop.

The notebook market has dominated by Intel for a long time until AMD arrived with its Ryzen mobile processors. AMD offers some really good stuff with Ryzen mobile chips like High core count, overall good performance, affordability and etc. After the desktop market, AMD started to explore and found a huge possibility in the notebook market.

In Q2,2020 Financial Report Intel said :- “Intel is accelerating its transition to 10nm products this year with increasing volumes and strong demand for an expanding lineup. This includes a growing portfolio of 10nm-based Intel Core processors with “Tiger Lake” launching soon”. Looks like Intel focused to ramp-up the 10nm in the notebook side but in the desktop computing, they are still very far.

Intel Lost FOCUS?

Intel’s former principal engineer, Francois Piednoel has raised few important points about Intel’s current position. He offered his advice on how Intel can fix itself, criticized current leadership for not being engineers.

According to Francois, “Intel is very lucky AMD cannot get the volume, to be able to compete,”. “If they were getting volume, the price difference would definitely cost the Intel market share a lot more than what they are losing right now.”

He highlighted that the AVX512 is a mistake in a consumer chip. AVX512 is a core of the DL Boost AI acceleration which Intel uses it in a Xeon server CPUs. Now, this technology AVX512 is in consumer chip like 10th gen Ice Lake notebook processors. The video he made is about an hour-long but it worth watching.

Tiger lake for the laptop could turn the table to the Intel side, difference have to be in practical use, not just on paper. Intel’s new integrated Xe graphics can make a difference. Expected more powerful but the power-efficient chip.

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