Mi 10 or OnePlus 8/8 Pro, Xiaomi’s Premium Expensive Smartphone Worth?

Xiaomi's Mi 10 is a good specification smartphone but the price is not justified. OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro seems better.

Xiaomi and Oneplus both the Chinese smartphone company launched their new flagship devices a few times ago. Mi 10 sales have started and OnePlus 8/8Pro sales are yet to start in India, both the smartphones are available in India via Amazon. Both smartphones have flagship-grade good specifications like Snapdragon 865, 5G + Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, wireless charging (OnePlus 8 lacks wireless charging), featuring multiple-camera setup, 8GB or more ram  (Mi 10 5G has 8GB RAM option only) with different storage options and lot more. Xiaomi smartphones are mainly known for the budget or mid-range sections and the flagship premium smartphones don’t have enough good image in terms of sales. Whereas OnePlus is very well known for providing top flagship-grade hardware in a lower price range.

This time Xiaomi India wants to do something with the Mi line up except the Mi A series, this A-series is just for Android One devices from Google. Mi A-series is doing good at the segment but there has to be something in the high price range to compete with the other flagships smartphone. So Xiaomi India decided to launch its flagship Mi 10 5G smartphone. OnePlus, on the other hand, upgraded the last-gen devices to the new one and launched the new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro device. OnePlus legacy is clear, provides flagship specs in lower price range compare to other flagship killers from Samsung, Apple. Etc. Although prices are now becoming a bit too high and increasing year by year with every new device launch. This time OnePlus kept the special price for India, lower than the US market.

Speaking of cost, because this factor alone will change the mind for recommendation and purchasing. Xiaomi Mi 10 5G smartphone cost ₹49,999 for 8 GB RAM+128 GB Storage and ₹54,999 for 8 GB + 256 GB Storage. OnePlus is very aggressive to the price especially for India. OnePlus 8 costs ₹44,999 for 8+128 GB, and ₹49,999 for 12+256 GB. OnePlus 8 starting price is ₹41,999 for Glacial Green color available in 6+128 GB ram and storage option, again little skeptical about this variant how long it will be available to users. OnePlus 8 Pro starting price is ₹54,999 for 8+128 GB and ₹59,999 for 12+256 GB.

Here, Xiaomi is charging way too much for the Mi 10 5G, Xiaomi says that this premium smartphone is completely imported from china so import duties and taxes make the overall cost high and make the Mi 10 as a pricer choice. I think, if that’s the excuse for the high price, which nobody cares about, then Xiaomi needs to do something hard in terms of price. MIUI interface on top of Android also becomes one of the worst UI because of Advertisements inside interface, no proper content Recommendations, and a lot of awful content. Can you imagine, we will have to pay near ₹50,000-₹55,000 to watch advertisement and bad content on your phone, although Xiaomi claims that the content recommendation on their premium smartphone Mi 10 will be in control not like the budget segment phones but we still get some recommendation on a phone which is I think is not acceptable. Mi 10 5G is overall a good smartphone many things I liked in it, no doubt but the price is the area where it losses for the value it provides.

OnePlus Oxygen OS is a clean UI that gives a much more good user experience over MIUI and yes no Ads being served in oxygen OS. Comparing the price of both the smartphone, OnePlus 8/8 Pro is a lot cheaper and makes more sense than Mi 10. OnePlus 8 and 8 pro specs are more superior to Mi 10 like in the camera department OnePlus offers a telephoto lens that is the more practical than a 2 MP depth camera in Mi 10, clear user interface, good brand value, and most important thing is the good price gap between all the  OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro provide much better value in terms of everything compare to Mi 10 5G. I am not saying that the Mi 10 is a bad device, it’s a price that makes it out of recommendation. Sorry, Xiaomi this time you are not pocket friendly. What Xiaomi can’t do, that’s a big question if OnePlus can manage to do so, with the price.

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