Samsung New “Graphene Ball” Battery Technology

We are living in the era of portable devices like Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops and we even have Electric Vehicles(EV) also use Battery power to run on the road, my whole point of this saying is, we use battery more often we think and future use will increase double of today. Lithium-ion-Battery’s are being used to power this all devices and since from many years, this technology is been used and now the time to change this technology soon because Lithium-ion Batteries doing well before but we need more power, capacity, stability, and of course, one sweet feature called fast charging.

Recently, a team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed a “Graphene Ball,” a unique battery material that enables a 45% increase in capacity, and five times faster-charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries. The breakthrough provides promise for the next generation secondary battery market, particularly related to mobile devices and electric vehicles. In its research, SAIT collaborated closely with Samsung SDI as well as a team from Seoul National University’s School of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Samsung Graphene Ball Battery
Samsung Graphene Ball Battery

The problem with current Lithium-ion-Batteries is their internal electrodes get damage, especially if the battery is charged too quickly. so at least it takes around an hour to charge fully which is very slow to fast running time. and considered to have reached their limit for capacity expansion, there have been numerous attempts to explore the use of new innovative materials. Among the materials looked at, graphene has widely become the primary source of interest as the representative next-generation material.

In theory, the battery based on graphene ball requires very little time to charge around 12 min and is very stable at high temperatures like 60 degrees Celsius which is quite good for the electric vehicle battery as well as in our portable devices. Samsung’s approach is to use graphene ball to coat nickel-rich cathodes and lithium-based anode materials. The thin, popcorn-like substance can be coated onto the cathode evenly, making it more effective, while also giving the anode a capacity boost.

Now one important question, when Samsung going to throw this graphene battery into their smartphone or supply to some electric vehicle. so the answer is ‘we don’t know’ after galaxy note 7 battery explosion problem face by Samsung I don’t think this technology is coming anytime soon because Samsung will take all kinds of precautions and test it thoroughly before putting it to any smartphone.

“All thanks to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for exploding so hard that the manufacturers are actually concern about the consumer’s safety and yes, probably their market too”

*Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms from graphite and is receiving much attention in the battery and display industry due to its physical, chemical stability. Graphene is 100 times more effective than copper in conducting electricity and displays remarkable electron mobility – 140 times faster than silicon – which makes it an ideal material for fast charge.


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