Tata Sky Broadband offers 100 Mbps speed with Unlimited data: Details

Good plans in Ahmedabad and Surat starts from ₹600 per month with 1500 GB Data FUP

Tata Sky Broadband service is limited to select cities but the coverage is increasing slowly. Tata Sky is a very well known and reputed provider in a DTH market, and now, targeting the audience as an ISP. Internet penetration increased so much in India after Jio service players like Tata Sky now jumped up into the data market. Tata Sky Broadband offers FUP limit about 1500 GB in the unlimited plan and speed max up to 100 Mbps only whereas the competition offers a lot more.

Tata Sky offers two types of broadband plans Unlimited Plans and Fixed Plans. Fixed plans offer low high-speed data limits but come with an option of data rollover, plan starts from ₹600. Unlimited plans make more sense compare to the price difference between fixed and unlimited plans. There are only three plans available for all, all the prices are different through state wise. The price in most of the states is listed above. As you can see starting price is ₹900 for 25 Mbps of speed, ₹1000 for 50 Mbps and ₹1100 for 100 Mbps of speed. these all plans are unlimited but unlimited is capped up to 1500 GB per month and sped drops to 2 Mbps after limit reached. As I said not all state has the same cost of every plans Ahmedabad and surat plans start from ₹600 for 25 Mbps, ₹650 for 50 Mbps and ₹800 for 100 Mbps unlimited data, which is a lot cheaper, good compared to other states plans. All the prices are exclusive 18% GST, so taxes are extra.

In Tata sky broadband we also do get the option to opt for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and with that it offers some discount on the price, a free router, a free installation which is again too low to the price we pay. The calling facility is also coming soon. You can get more info about tata sky broadband here in the company official website. Fixed GB plan price starts from ₹650 for 60 GB/month, ₹750 for 150 GB/month, ₹900 for 250 GB/month, ₹1000 for 500 GB/month. Data rollover option is available.

Frankly speaking there can be more done by tata sky broadband in this era, though the FUP limits are acceptable which is now reduced to 1500 GB/Month compare to earlier it was. Overall the price that tata sky broadband is charging except in Ahmedabad and Surat is not very attractive to users now, especially when other ISPs provide much more to the price and more add-on services free.

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