Intel Core i3-13100 is the best low-budget gaming CPU. For some reason, AMD totally abandoned the low-budget segment with few underrated CPUs.

According to Hardware Unboxed 12 games average at 1080p gaming benchmarks show that the 13th Gen Core i3-13100 is around 2% faster than the 12th Core i3-12100

12 Game Average FPS 

Core i3-13100 - 134 avg FPS 

Core i3-12100 - 131 avg FPS

* Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 has been used for benchmark to avoid any bottlenecks

A decent graphics card with i3-13100 will give you the best 1080p gaming experience. You can also enjoy light editing works in Adobe suite. So, very beginner-level productivity tasks would be easy.

Intel Core i3-13100 has 4 P-cores  Max turbo boost - up to 4.5 GHz, 200 MHz higher than the i3-12100’s 4.3 GHz.  No Efficient-cores are available.  Total L2 + L3 caches are 5MB + 12MB Base power consumption is 60W Max turbo power consumption is 89W.  There are two variants, Core i3-13100 and i3-13100F, and as we all know, 13100F lacks iGPU.