Who owns AVITA Laptop Brand, is the brand worth?

Avita brand owned and operated by Hong Kong-based company Nexstgo. Price-wise Avita laptops are not compelling, way better options are available.

The Avita Laptop brand has entered the Indian market last year with a few laptops. Avita brand owned and operated by Hong Kong-based company Nexstgo, it’s a Nextgo sub-brand. The name “AVITA” sounds like one India startup working hard between old popular names, but that’s not the case.

The company has showcased many products but laptops are available now, so we will focus on them. There are many things we will talk about this brand in this article. Like the brand value, service, quality of products, reliability, brand transparency to customers, and most importantly the price.

Avita Laptops
Avita Laptops

Firstly, there are no unique things on this laptop, to make it in my recommendation list. Secondly, the current price of Avita laptops is equal to any other laptop brand available in India. In some cases, this laptop doesn’t make any sense compared to other counterparts.

Like Xiaomi’s 10th Gen core i7 with Nvidia MX350 GPU laptop costs ₹59,999 and the same configuration but with an older CPU, Avita’s 8th Gen core i7 with iGPU costs ₹59,990. Does it make any sense?

Price-wise Avita laptops are not compelling, way better options are available. The laptops give an overall decent performance, according to the processor model we select. No dedicated GPU in any of the Avita laptops, not even in the high-end model with Core i7.

Some highlighted the heating issue, which makes me think on the thermal capabilities of a laptop. Maybe because of the thermals no discrete GPU supported. Cooling one silicon chip is easy rather than two. Both Intel and AMD platforms are available.

Built quality is pretty normal, like cheaper variants in plastic and higher-end with high-quality material. But the material quality they provide is not as good as other competitors like Lenovo, Asus, Mi and etc. This raises the question of long term durability and reliability.

Now, what about after-sale service? If you have an Avita laptop or buy it for any reason, and unfortunately, you fall for the warranty service. On their official website, they have listed all the covered cities in which their service center present. Other options of contact like Toll-free, WhatsApp, and email is also there.

Some false claim

Every laptop of Avita claims to give 10 hours of battery life, which is simply not the case. The battery life you get around 4 hours, way less than claim. Be careful while purchasing any laptop (If you decided to) many specs are not transparent, and misleading.

Like, the official website and selling partners can confuse you in DDR3 and DDR4 ram. In some models, RAM specs are different on both the website. They have used SSD in the laptop, but the type of SSD not mentioned anywhere, SATA 3 M.2 or NVMe. Probably SATA 3 M.2 is being used.

Many other flaws, misinformation you can find here and there.

Are the AVITA laptops worth? Some HIDDEN THINGS.


Especially in India, the price of the laptops is not justifying, at least for now. Already many players like Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and etc gives better options, hardware, and features. Spending a large amount of money to save little, to buy Avita is not worth it. Many other options already ready by various other brands with the reliability of everything.

Performance is decent but other factors like built quality, service, price, and some outdated specs are not adequate for the recommendation.

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