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RTX 3090 Ti at $1499, RTX 3090 at $1299, RTX 3080 Ti at $1099. Nvidia and AMD have made significant price cuts on existing graphics card models.

We all know that a new generation of graphics cards will arrive in a few months. Before releasing new products, Nvidia and AMD have made significant price cuts on existing graphics card models. Buy graphics card soon to get it at the best price if you are looking for the current model GPUs and are not interested in the newer generation.

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Nvidia is working with its add-in-board (AIB) partners to reduce the prices. Also, the company cuts the MSRP of their high-end RTX 3000 cards. The RTX 3090 Ti dropped from $1999 to 1499, RTX 3090 from $1499 to 1299, RTX 3080 Ti from $1199 to 1099 and RTX 3080 12GB MSRP is 799.

New prices have been updated in the US online stores. Even AIB partners are selling at the suggested MSRP prices. Surely, Nvidia wants to clear the old gen RTX 3000 series inventory before any new launch. By offering a discount on the MSRP, Nvidia is indirectly asking users to buy graphics cards now or else you might lose the deal forever.

AIB graphics cards at discounted MSRP Prices
AIB graphics cards at discounted MSRP Prices

The discounted price may take some time to reflect in India. But the Indian prices have dropped significantly compared to earlier.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market crash has brought a massive flood of used GPUs to the second-hand market. There is no huge demand for graphics cards from crypto miners. So demand decreased and supply normalized, resulting in a drop in prices.

Beware of buying any used graphics card from unknown or untrusted sources. There is a possibility that the card may have been used for crypto mining.

To match the competition, AMD followed Nvidia’s and slashed the prices of the Radeon RX 6000 GPU. However, it is also necessary for the company to clear the old stock before any new launch. So that they can sell out more new gen cards to consumers. Don’t think that Intel GPU will come soon to save your pocket.

Buy Graphics Card – Yes or No

If you’re interested in current-generation GPUs, can’t wait for new launches, or aren’t willing to pay extra for a new card, buy graphics card soon. New cards may become expensive due to demand and scalping. I may be wrong here but we must learn from history.

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