Gigabyte PSU Explodes, PC Builders be Careful

Do not use Gigabyte PSU and save your PC.

Gigabyte is facing backlash due to its PSUs are blowing up. The power supply (PSU) of any PC build is crucial like any other part. And it’s a nightmare for the company, especially Gigabyte, that their PSUs are unsafe for PCs. 

What is the Problem

The “exploding company Gigabyte” sounds strange, but it’s a sad truth today. Majorly two Gigabyte PSU models have been affected, which are the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM. At present, we cannot comment on other models as to whether or not problems may arise.

The GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM are unsafe and unfit for any PC builds. Here the “explosion” has occurred due to cheap or poor components used in the PSU. It is sad to see that a company like Gigabyte has gone for a low-priced option rather than quality. 

Gigabyte GP-P850GM PSU
Gigabyte GP-P850GM PSU

Various surveys and other details of GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM has been gathered by reputed reviewers and professionals. Their data shows that there is about a 50% chance of an explosion if you have any of these models. The GP-P750GM, in particular, has more affected by defects. Although a limited number of PSUs have been tested, thus the percentage may vary. 

Gigabyte mentioned that their PSU has industry-standard power protection designs OCP, OTP, OVP, OPP, UVP, and SCP. Power protection is responsible for shutting down the PSU before any permanent damage occurs.

  • OCP – over current protection
  • OTP – over-temperature protection
  • OVP – over-voltage protection
  • OPP – over power protection 
  • UVP – under-voltage protection
  • SCP – short circuit protection

In testing, they have found that the OPP is not triggered to protect PSU despite the power exceed the OPP range. Also, OTP is failed to save the components from extreme temperature. 

In many PSUs, the OPP does not turn on up to 140+% of the PSU capacity. For example, a user may be able to draw up to 1300 watts from a GP-P850GM 850 watt PSU. These numbers are high, and OPP must trigger sooner to protect the PC and the PSU itself. 

Some PSUs have died during testing at only 60%-75% load. It is very easy to achieve up to 75% load in the PSU with any PC build. This figure shows how the unreliable PSUs Gigabyte is offering to its customers. 

It should be noted that the reviewers have tested the PSU with DC Electronic Load equipment. No real-world testing has been done to check the PSU. However, the survey report shows high RMA numbers and users negative reviews. Therefore, reviewers and we are sure that the problem may occur in real-world scenarios. 

Steve from Gamers Nexus (YouTube) has done a wonderful job of testing these PSUs. I recommend you to check its video for in-depth info.

Gigabyte’s Statement

The company is aware of the problems appearing to the PSU and released a statement. The concerned PSUs are still selling, and no further steps have been taken for PSU recall. However, you can return and exchange the PSU if a problem arises or the serial number fall under specific series. 

  • “GIGABYTE is aware of certain media outfits casting doubt over the quality of Power Supply models GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM”. 
  • GIGABYTE highly values the confidence and trust all our customers have in our product quality and after-sale services. GIGABYTE would like to stress the potential issues that were reported, only seemed to occur after very long time periods of extreme load testing via DC Electronic load equipment and would not be typical of any real-world usage.
  • GP-P850GM- Adjusted OPP trigger point range from 120% ~ 150% to 110% ~ 120%. (Before: 1020W ~ 1300W) (After: 950W ~ 1050W).
  • GP-P750GM- Adjusted OPP trigger point range from 120% ~ 150% to 110% ~ 120%. (Before: 900W ~ 1125W) (After: 825W ~ 925W).
  • Despite the fact that both before & after OPP adjustment versions are reliable for real-world usage, we still offer owners of the GP-P850GM or GP-P750GM products included in the serial number range listed in Appendix 1 can apply for the *GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM return and exchange service.
 Gigabyte GP-P750GM PSU
Gigabyte GP-P750GM PSU


The return and exchange service is of no use if Gigabyte replaces it with the same model PSU. Even replacement units, Sooner or later, may blast off too. A refund or recall program can be effective rather than a replacement. 

Avoid buying a Gigabyte PSU, especially the GP-P850GM or GP-P750GM. We can’t trust them anymore. If you already own one, try to replace it as soon as possible.

If the power supply is defective, other components like graphics cards, motherboard, CPU may also stop working. In the end, all the PC parts are connected to PSU. An exploding component may not die alone.

Gigabyte should act responsibly for the issue. It offers other products too like motherboard, graphics card, SSD, memory, etc. The wrongly handle case can destroy the overall image and also affect other product sales.

Suppose you are a person like me who leaves the PC running, whether at home or not. Over there the exploding PSU may cause serious incidents like a fire at home.

Recently, Gigabyte is attacked by ransomware. And hackers claim to have up to 112 GB of AMD, Intel, and other documents. The documents may reveal CPU vulnerability to the hacker. Possibly we may see more attacks in future like Spectre and Meltdown. The consequences of the data breach are yet to be seen. 

It is reported that the incident also affected several of the company’s sites, including parts of its support site. Also, Customers have reported problems accessing RMA information.

So, details of the RMA submitted before the hacker’s attack is all locked or gone forever. Meanwhile, the user who shipped the product with RMA has no choice but to wait. Maybe all-regions users are not affected by the RMA problem.

First these defective PSUs, and then the ransomware attack. Giving great pain to all the customers.

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