Intel Announced Core i7 8086 Limited Edition Processors and 28 Core Processor at 5 GHz Teased – Computex 2018

Intel at Computex 2018 which is held in Taipei teased a massive core count processor in the mainstream with 28 core and 56 Threads, Intel demonstrated that chip live benchmark in Cinebench RT and got the whopping 7334 score, all the core are at 5 GHz clock speed and Gregory Bryant (SVP and GM of Intel Client Computing Group) explicitly stated that it would be coming in Q4 this year and confirmed that this will be a single-socket processor inside of a PC.

AMD’s Threadripper chip includes 16 cores and 32 threads, which would put Intel’s chip well ahead of the competition in terms of core count. Intel wouldn’t disclose any more details about the chip, including its process technology or architecture, Pricing, but it sounds like we’ll see it soon—Bryant said it will ship during the fourth quarter.

As we have no other details were provided, however for it to exist in a current platform, this new processor would likely be in LGA2066 (X299) or LGA3647 (the server socket). Intel technically already makes 28-core monolithic designs in the Intel Xeon Scalable Platform with the Xeon Platinum 8180, which is a $10k processor, which runs a lot slower than 5.0 GHz.

Intel Core i7 8086K

Intel celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary by launching the limited edition processor core i7 8086 Processors which become the fastest processor in the segment. This new processor, of which only 50,000 will be made, is a boost over its current Core i7-8700K offering and best performing mainstream Coffee Lake processor.Intel has said that the processor has a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a single core turbo of 5.0 GHz. Along those lines, we suspect a 4.6 GHz all-core turbo. This would mark a +300 MHz gain on the base and all-core frequencies, and +300 MHz on the single core turbo. All the remaining specification is identical to core i7 8700K even the core count is also same 6 core and 12 threads etc, and it’s not wrong saying it a high-quality core i7 8700K which are binned from silicon production line (Silicon Lottery).

Intel plans to give away 8,086 of them through giveaways and other methods in selected countries. AMD was first to break the 5GHz barrier with the FX-9590, an enthusiast chip the company shipped in 2013. The Core i7-4790K announced by Intel at Computex 2014 could reach 5GHz, but only after overclocking (the chip reached 4.4GHz in turbo mode). Several Intel Core chips have touched 4GHz, including the current Core i3-8350K. Technically, though, this Core i7-8086K would be the fastest Core chip ever announced under stock cooling.

Pricing is not confirmed by Intel but it definitely going to be around $75 more expensive than current pricing of core i7 8700K – Reports says


Intel had many options for a new Coffee Lake processor, and on paper, the Core i7-8086K does not look that great compared to the Core i7-8700K. We get the 5 GHz in an only Single core, not on all core and most of the application can now balance their load and utilizes multi-core. The best benefits of the processor come in its overclocking, with the two units mentioned in this review easily hitting 5.0 GHz across all cores. It is nice performance, and if you want the best it makes sense that you have to pay the most

My Suggestion – If you truly decided to buy Core i7 8086K or just want it for collection purpose you know what to do but if you are confused between core i7 8700K and 8086K then just get a Core i7 8700K for yourself and save few bugs for other accessories or components.



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