Full-Day Working on Computers, take care of eyes, shoulder while using it

Usage computers are increasing year by year in all sorts of different fields whether it’s an IT Sector, automobiles, Govt. sector, construction, designing, film-making, etc. All most everywhere we are using computers all day. Now it’s a great idea to use a computer to increase productivity but the person using it all day (Sitting in front of the monitor) is gradually suffering from many health problems. Every day you are hearing some issues happening to the eyes, Abdomen Back, Shoulder and other body parts especially from the person who is working on computers most of their time. the computer is not only one responsible for bad health, but smartphones are also hitting more than anything else which we are going to cover in another article. So today we going to talk about some of the daily habits which you can change to reduce or prevent health issues while using the computer all day in your busy schedule.

Adjust Monitor – Adjust the monitor brightness which suits you best, not too bright or too dim. Good brightness level will not put a strain on your eyes, feels relax and you can work for a longer time without hurting you little eyeballs. At night time, you can use night light its an in-built feature with windows 10, Mac OS, etc.

Night light feature reduces or eliminating the blue light emitted by the monitor, turns the display in light orange color (Orangish), in other terms, you can also say it increases the warm tone. Blue light gives more stain to eyes and the warm light gives relax feeling, reduces strain also. If you have any sleep disorder while working late at night on the computer (Working day, night in computers, is not recommended at all) use the night light option at night time, it will improve the sleep. Blue light tends to wake you up while warm light helps to sleep. One more great thing to protect your eyes daily is to wear computer glass. Computer glasses are also designed to eliminate all sorts of harmful light which monitor is throwing to eyes. Consider good glasses rather than some cheap piece of plastic.

Try and make a habit of blinking an eye frequently while using computers. Eye blinking keeps your eye moisturized which is very helpful for eyes to work well and for a longer period of time. I also suggest you, use a big font size which you can read easily, small size fonts need more focus to read and sometimes it’s very uncomfortable. So while using MS Word, Excel, Blogging, Scripting, Programing and in other writing, reading area, use proper font size.

Monitor hight is also be adjusted, it should be parallel to your eyes/face. Make sure to keep the monitor in enough good height so you don’t have to bow your head down or stretch up significantly which may cause neck pain. Maintain good space between eyes and display around 1.5 – 2.5 feet according to the size of the monitor you have. If you don’t have the monitor stand, just use anything like a book, any box, or something which can raise the high of the monitor.

Table and Sitting Position – Sitting position is also very important, always sit straight, relaxed position. Don’t sit in a 90-Degree angle, Sits in around 100-110 Degree angle which is more comfortable than 90-degree, also helps you to sit longer. If you want to stand and use a computer like many supermarket billing counters you must have seen, it’s also good but, as we all know its simply not possible every time or everywhere. Table height should not be very up and down, maintain the height where your arms are in a relaxed position as shown in the above figure. Use a good ergonomic chair and table, a gaming chair or a good office chair will get the job done but if you are not in the mood of investing, the proper position of a body is way more important. similarly, ergonomic keyboard/mouse is also optional but having them will be a good support and if you are a gamer/streamer you already have it and if not just get one all because good ergonomic keyboard/mouse reduces the effort you need normally and improve response time also.

Do other Activities and Exercises – Exercising is overall best for every type of health problem what many people carrying with them. Do exercise on a regular basis. While working on a computer for a long time you can do some stretching on the chair, take a few minute breaks after every few hours of work, Drink an adequate amount of water while working to keep your body hydrated. If you are running, walking or going gym daily then it’s a thumbs up for you.

Computers are not actually responsible for health problems, at least not directly, we are not using it properly which causes us so many issues. Stop using it unnecessarily, just do your work and get up from there. There is more you can do instead of sitting in front of a computer all day with no meaning like hanging out with friends (Today there is more number of Facebook friends we have rather than the real friends), Some other creative work or reading books, etc, which overall benefits you one way or the other.

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