Worlds First Foldable Screen Laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FOLD Specs, Usage, Price and More.

The new era of foldable screen devices (New Era) has started and in the coming future, we will see many devices with this type of screen as if we are able to see this technology in smartphones and laptops. Lenovo has launched a foldable screen laptop at CES 2020. DELL has also showcased 2 prototypes from its side, one laptop with a foldable screen concept, the other laptop is a dual-screen model. Intel also showcased the “Horseshoe Bend” laptop under its project “Athena” which is again a foldable screen laptop at the press conference. We will talk more about the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FOLD. Before we talk slightly about foldable screen laptops.


If we talk about the use of the foldable screen, it can definitely prove to be of great use. The first thing to be foldable is that you will get Edge to Edge screen (excluding bezels of the screen) which will give the advantage of the big screen in small form factors. By splitting the screen, you can do various tasks in data-compression, designing, content creation, the productivity will increase significantly. You can use it as an ordinary traditional laptop, even if you do not have a physical keyboard (you will get the option of connecting with the Bluetooth keyboard), you can finish your work with the touch keyboard. You can find many more details in the video below.

You can take advantage of the big screen by opening the laptop completely and you can do it as you like in landscape/portrait. There is an option to have a physical keyboard mouse, due to which you can take it as a full computer, in the office, at home, you can fold it back as soon as the work is finished if you talk about the overall portability, carrying and storing, no problem is going to happen.

In this type of laptop, we will also get features like Always Connected (5G), Fast Charging, All-Day Battery Life, Stylus Pen Support, but the features may be slightly different according to the different brands. There will be a powerful and power-efficient CPU. Intel’s Tiger Lake and Lakefield CPUs can be used as Intel’s Engineers have helped Lenovo to create the X1 FOLD, so their CPUs will power laptops. All the foldable laptops are present is in prototypes except Lenovo X1 FOLD. Regular Windows 10 is currently being used in all foldable laptops which are not customized at all according to foldable screen laptops. Windows 10X OS has been specially designed to be optimized for foldable devices to increase the productivity of laptops. But no exact date is known yet (probably in late 2020). Hence OEM / Manufacturers are using the regular version of Windows 10.

Cons and Concerns

If we talk about Cons, I would not like to say more about it right now because the devices are not fully ready and those who are ready have not reached the users, then it will be quite quick to say something right and wrong about them. But I have some concerns that I would like to talk about.

  • Hinge Durability.
  • Folding screen durability
  • Screen crease.
  • Delicate due to lots of small moving parts.
  • Overall performance in longterm usage in Hardware and Software.

So this is my concern with laptops. The year 2020 has started My Friends, the show of Foldable Device has started and in the future, we will continue to get more information about the foldable-screen device.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo has spent 4 years in the development of the ThinkPad X1 FOLD, which was also teased in mid-2019. Intel’s Engineers have also helped Lenovo to develop this foldable screen laptop. Lenovo launched the ThinkPad X1 FOLD at CES 2020, making Lenovo the first brand in the world to launch a foldable laptop. Lenovo’s First Foldable Screen Laptop is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FOLD, it also a world’s first.

The X1 FOLD offers a 13.3 inch 2K pOLED Touchscreen display that LG has made. This LG display has been well tested for durability, with the entire screen supported with 2 carbon fiber plates to ensure good screen durability and keep the screen strong during folding/unfolding. This laptop will be an Always-Connected (5G) PC powered by Intel Core Processors with Windows 10 OS. Lenovo has said that it will also be offered Windows 10X when released.

The X1 Fold has a unique multi-link torque hinge, after various different designs and many tests, that can handle pressure well when the screen is folded/unfolded. The X1 FOLD becomes like a small book after folding that you can easily carry and store anywhere. Weight is also near 1 Kg. This laptop has a leather cover in which a kick-stand is integrated which will help in taking advantage of the big screen. A Bluetooth mini folded keyboard is also available with the laptop, the good thing is that the keyboard attaches with the help of the magnets in the laptop itself and also charges the same way wirelessly and in the same way you can carry the keyboard with the laptop. There is no problem to carry and charge separately. In addition, you also get a pen with which you can use it for different tasks like notes, drawing, scroll purpose.

Price and Availability

The expected price of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FOLD is $ 2499 (₹ 1,80,000 + Taxes Extra). Now when this laptop will be available in Mid 2020, only then the correct price will be known. Let’s hope for the best for Lenovo and this laptop launch in time. Watch my full video on it below.

World’s First Foldable Screen PC, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold complete detail, Specs, Price, availability and more

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